Civil Engineering

As leaders in the engineering design of developments, structures, environments, and systems, we design practical solutions for modern infrastructure problems.

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Martens - Environmental Services
Environmental Services

All aspects of engineering within a sustainable framework. Investigating and modelling the environment, and developing sustainable solutions that protect and enhance our world.

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Martens - Water Resources
Water Resources

We cover all aspects of the water cycle from supply through to delivery, treatment, and storage. We are national specialists in managing urban stormwater and flood-affected sites.

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Martens - Project Management
Project Management

We have experience over thousands of projects building teams and relationships, coordinating projects to deliver on time and on budget solutions within detailed client specifications.

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Martens - Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Designing services for the built environment, where the result is buried in the ground. Certainty investigation and design certainty for infrastructure mining and development industries.

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