Past urban water management has focused on hard engineering solutions, such as underground piping of waterways, and concrete drainage systems. Whilst this approach has been beneficial in flood control and disease prevention, it has caused detrimental impacts to the ecology of our waterways, contributed to water pollution, bank erosion and salinity, and has also resulted in the wastage of valuable water resources.

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is an urban water cycle method that mimics the natural water cycle, delivering short and long term cost savings benefits to both the environment and public amenity.

Our key service areas include:
  • Aquatic and riparian habitat restoration
  • Design of structures – swales, infiltration systems, filters, basins, wetlands
  • Environmental buffers and set-backs – determination and assessment
  • Establish stormwater quality targets for discharge and infiltration
  • Groundwater injection systems – design, construction, monitoring
  • Infrastructure life-cycle cost analysis – financial modelling
  • Stormwater re-use investigation, design and construction
  • Water balance modelling- long-term supply-demand simulation
  • Water cycle management plans and quantity control
  • Water quality modelling (e.g. MUSIC, RAFTS, DRAINS etc.)

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Recent Projects
Oakdale, NSW
Killalea Lagoon Management Plan: Bass Point Quarry Expansion, NSW
Roseville Golf Course, Roseville, NSW
Riverside, Tea Gardens, NSW

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