‘Acid sulfate soils’ is the common name given to naturally occurring soil and sediment containing iron sulfides. When these naturally occurring sulphides are disturbed and exposed to air, oxidation occurs – and sulfuric acid is ultimately produced. This sulfuric acid can drain into waterways and cause severe short- and long-term socio-economic and environmental impacts.

Martens provides comprehensive environmental and geotechnical services for investigating, controlling and managing acid sulfate soils.

Our key service areas include:
  • Stage 1 preliminary investigation (geomorphogical)
  • Stage 2 comprehensive acid sulphate soil survey
  • Acid sulphate soil management plans
  • Construction management protocols
  • Groundwater well installation and monitoring
  • Impact assessment where leaching has occurred
  • Soil remediation strategies and site supervision

Martens - Environmental Services - Acid Sulphate Soils

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