Our engineers and scientists understand that the terrestrial water cycle is closely linked to groundwater, and – in many areas – groundwater forms a fundamental water resource for agriculture, sensitive ecosystems, potable water supply and environmental amenity. Hydrogeology represents the discipline of understanding groundwater dynamics.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of hydrogeological investigations, including: resource assessment, resource maintenance, water quality assessment, impact assessment, and groundwater modelling. We maintain all the necessary in-house skills to undertake the complete range of hydrogeological investigations.

Our key service areas include:
  • Resource investigation
    • Long-term instrumented monitoring bores (level and quality)
    • Single and multi-bore (i.e. bore-field) pump tests
    • Water quality (short and long term monitoring)
    • Yield determination and recharge assessment
    • Groundwater contamination assessment
  • Impact assessment
    • Dip sites
    • Industrial parks
    • Intensive agricultural activities
    • Landfill sites
    • Mining and groundwater dewatering
    • Petrol stations
    • Sewage treatment and re-use facilities
    • Stormwater recharge systems
  • Groundwater modelling
    • 2D and 3D modelling
    • Contaminant plumes
    • Draw down and impact assessment
    • Recharge systems

Martens - Environmental Services - Groundwater Systems and Hydrogeology

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