Martens is recognised as a team of national river and floodplain management experts. Our in-house river engineers, geomorphologists, and environmental scientists have provided specialist services to government bodies and other consulting firms on all aspects of watercourse management.

Our key service areas include:
  • River management
    • Flood modelling
    • Riparian corridor mapping and management
    • River regulation and flow regime analysis
    • River restoration and remediation strategies
    • River health assessment and stream classification
    • Riparian management plans
    • Impact assessment and mitigation
    • Watercourse crossing risk assessment and designs
    • Floodplain assessment
    • Wetland mapping and hydrology
  • Technical Services
    • Bed and bank stabilisation and rehabilitation
    • Bedload characterisation and load assessment
    • Channel change and risk assessment
    • Historical aerial photograph interpretation (API)
    • Hydraulic geometry and flood behaviour

Martens - Environmental Services - Rivers and Floodplains

Recent Projects
Long Gully Road Subdivision, Singleton, NSW
Rooty Hill, NSW
Emu Plains, NSW
Agricultural Land, Mullaley, NSW

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