Martens is recognised as a team of national river and floodplain management experts. Our in-house river engineers, geomorphologists, and environmental scientists have provided specialist services to government bodies and other consulting firms on all aspects of watercourse management.

Our key service areas include:
  • River management
    • Flood modelling
    • Riparian corridor mapping and management
    • River regulation and flow regime analysis
    • River restoration and remediation strategies
    • River health assessment and stream classification
    • Riparian management plans
    • Impact assessment and mitigation
    • Watercourse crossing risk assessment and designs
    • Floodplain assessment
    • Wetland mapping and hydrology
  • Technical Services
    • Bed and bank stabilisation and rehabilitation
    • Bedload characterisation and load assessment
    • Channel change and risk assessment
    • Historical aerial photograph interpretation (API)
    • Hydraulic geometry and flood behaviour

Martens - Environmental Services - Rivers and Floodplains

Recent Projects
Long Gully Road Subdivision, Singleton NSW
Long Gully Road Subdivision, Singleton, NSW
Rooty Hill, NSW
Rooty Hill, NSW
Emu Plains, NSW
Emu Plains, NSW
Agricultural Land, Mullaley, NSW
Agricultural Land, Mullaley, NSW

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