Our team of engineers and scientists have provided expert advice to the Courts on a range of environmental and engineering matters for over 20 years. In addition to environmental and engineering, we also assist in valuation matters, conciliation and mediation matters, acting as representatives for objectives, and provide independent advice to the Court. We work in a range of courts, on both sides of private/government District Courts, Supreme Courts, and Land Environment Courts.

We are familiar with Court procedures and rules and are capable of providing the following services:
  • Expert sourcing
  • Technical review
  • Court reports
  • Expert evidence
  • Strategic advice

Martens - Project Management - Expert Services

Recent Projects
Investigation of Illegal Filling Works, The Oaks, NSW
Sancrox, NSW
Crane Toppling Incident, 38 Bradmill Ave, Rutherford, NSW
Whale Beach and Pittwater, NSW

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