We believe that good town planning is about understanding the project needs and integrating these with knowledge of land development. We consider various phases of project viability and proceed to guide the project through its regulatory control and approval processes.

First, we determine whether the projects will be approvable, viable, and legal. Once establishing that, the next phase is determining what the controls are, and how best to support the project in order to achieve approval. Our approach to town planning is to address the whole life-cycle of the project, getting developments approved and planning projects so that they fit within the context of other land uses or nearby developments.

Our key service areas include:
  • Lot and development layouts
  • Statutory planning reports
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Planning law review
  • Preparation of development applications
  • Development consent review
  • Modifications to development consent

Martens - Project Management - Town Planning

Recent Projects
Carlingford, NSW
Long Gully Road Subdivision, Singleton, NSW
Oakdale, NSW
Riverside, Tea Gardens, NSW

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