In the past 20 years, environmental planning and management at local, state, and national levels of government has shifted towards the recognition that wastewater in a treated form presents a valuable resource – not a costly waste. In particular, effluent or ‘reclaimed water’ re-use schemes provide a means of beneficially re-using wastewater for a range of commercial uses.

Our key service sectors for recycled water are:
  • Agricultural re-use such as vineyards, turf farms and pasture
  • Golf course irrigation
  • Groundwater injection
  • Industrial re-use opportunities
  • Landfill irrigation and injection
  • Non-potable residential re-use (i.e. third pipe solutions)
  • Stream flow rehabilitation
Our key technical services include:
  • Land capability assessment for re-use schemes
  • Approvals and licensing
  • Financial modelling
  • Water balance modelling
  • Nutrient and contaminant accumulation, transport & impact modelling
  • Irrigation scheme design, construction and management
  • Reclaimed water storage facilities
  • Crop selection and crop management
  • Salinity modelling, monitoring and control

Martens - Water Resources - Effluent Re-use

Recent Projects
Proposed Agricultural College, Mangrove Mountain, NSW
Duffys Forest, NSW
Galston Equestrian Facility, Bayfield Road, Galston, NSW
Twin Creeks Estate, Luddenham, NSW

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